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Full Maintenance Gardening &Landscaping is an expert in Turf Renovation and Lawn Repair. We have been perfecting lawns in the Pacific Northwest for over 27 years. We are members of the Washington Association of Landscape Professionals (WALP) and recipients of the Distinction Award for “Best Design and Build” for the Parsons Residence.

What is Turf Renovation?

According to the University of Minnesota, lawn renovation involves repairing a lawn area that is bare, covered with weeds or damaged from drought, shade or wear. Turf Renovation should be considered if any of the following conditions exist in your yard:

  • Dead areas or sparse growth
  • Soft and spongy
  • Excessive broad leaved weeds

Searching for the perfect turf?

According to Tom Cook from the Horticulture Department at Oregon State University, there isn’t a secret recipe for perfect turf in the Pacific Northwest. Grass is adaptive and the unique characteristics of each area may require a blend of grass species that will adapt well in the given environment.

What’s the process?

  1. Soil Test
  2. Weed Control (if necessary)
  3. Soil Moisture Replenishment (if necessary)
  4. Thatch Removal (if necessary)
  5. Soil Preparation
  6. Fertilize
  7. Seeding
  8. Irrigate
  9. Mow

We use a process that we know from experience that works. Depending on the lawn, it may be necessary to perform a soil test to better understand the deficiencies. If weeds are one of the reasons a lawn renovation is necessary, we treat the area of broad leaf vegetation. The treatment we use will not harm existing grass. If the soil is extremely dry and hardened we will replenish the moisture in order make the surface more workable. If thatching is necessary, our crew will rake, mow or use a Sod Cutter depending on how severe the problem is. Next, we will prepare the surface by aerating the lawn area and disposing of the remaining plugs. Then, we “Top Dress” your lawn using a machine that lays ½ inch of sand over the surface of the lawn and fills the holes left by the aerating process. Aeration opens the surface of the lawn to prepare the surface for fertilizing, seeding and water absorption. The aerating process allows the fertilizer and water to better penetrate the surface. We then select a mixture of grass that best adapts to your lawn area.

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WALP Distinction Award "Best Design & Build" for the Parson Residence

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Northwest Turfgrass Association